Chinese man's eyeball pops out after fall, doesn't realize till later

It's safe to say he didn't see this coming.


NSFW    JINAN, CHINA — A man from eastern China probably didn't see this coming when he knocked a few back while at home and slipped, SEE-riously injuring his eye.
According to a Pear Video report, the spectacle occurred last Monday night when a 26-year-old guy from the Lixia district in Jinan took a tumble inside his house and knocked himself out—among other things.
It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye—should probably be some kind of Chinese proverb in this case.
His family found him the next day passed out in a pool of blood, so they rushed him to the clinic. Unfortunately, they didn't notice he was sporting a new Nick Fury look.
He was later transferred to the Shandong Qianfoshan Hospital, where doctors realized something didn't look right with the man.
Family members rushed home and called the hospital once they put eyes on the missing eyeball, according to Dr. Ma Baofeng from the ophthalmology department talking to local reporters.
According to the doctor, the eye had been on its own for at least six hours before the patient showed up at the hospital, making it impossible to pop back in.
It's still unclear what caused the eye-popping incident, but you can probably blame it on the alcohol.
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