Chinese man has massive bladder stone pulled out of him

Note to self: drink water, and don't hold your pee!


NSFW    WUHAN, CHINA — A man in China was shookt to discover that he'd basically amassed a massive ostrich-sized bladder stone inside him.

According to KanKan News, 55-year-old Mr. Zhou from Wuhan liked to stay up all night playing mahjong, with no bathroom breaks. He also didn't hydrate enough.

Back in June, Zhou felt a painful bulge in his lower abdomen, and found it difficult to pee, so he decided to get medical help.

Doctors at a local hospital found a huge mass as big as an ostrich egg lodged inside his bladder, and recommended immediate surgery.

The giant stone was fished out during the open cystostomy and later shown to their maker, who will probably think twice before he holds in his pee again.

At 13 centimeters long and weighing nearly a kilo, the hospital said it's the biggest they've ever removed.
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