Chinese man drowns expensive car in river to save on $3 car wash

The cheapskate was surprised when the overlooking dam suddenly opened up and washed away his car with a deluge of water.


NSFW    You Idiot!

CHENGDU, CHINA — A Chinese man parked his expensive car in a small river to avoid a car wash. The vehicle ended up being washed away.

A Chinese man decided that he didn't want to $3 on getting his white Land Rover professionally washed, so he found a creative way to get a free car wash. He drove his car to a river nearby Chengdu, and parked it in the current.

Unfortunately for him, his offbeat idea backfired pretty fast. The overlooking dam suddenly opened, releasing more water in the river and washing his car away.

He was lucky enough to escape the vehicle before it was too late. Firemen intervened to rescue the individual.
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