Chinese man angers internet after feeding hippo plastic popcorn bag

A Chinese man is being lambasted online by angry netizens after he was caught on camera gleefully feeding a zoo hippo a literal plastic bag of popcorn.


NSFW    NANCHANG, CHINA — Chinese social media is in a tizzy after a clip surfaced of a zoo visitor being less than kind to the animals.

According to Sina News, the incident went down last Wednesday at the Nanchang Zoo in China's Jiangsu Province.

A short video shows a man sitting on the barrier of an enclosure, throwing fistfuls of popcorn at a hippo lounging just a few feet away in the water.

When its jaws opened wide, the man chucked all of his popcorn — bag and all — straight into its mouth. The animal is seen gulping down the entire thing, which prompts the visitor and the rest of the onlookers to chuckle in delight.

Zoo management found about the ghastly behavior the next day, and have filed a report with local police. A vet has since checked the hippo and determined that it's perfectly ok, which, whew.

Not sure the same can be said for the uncivilized perp, though, who is probably already being sussed out and shamed online by angry netizens.
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