Chinese kid gets stuck in claw machine trying to get prize

This kid really gets into his games.


NSFW    ZHONGSHAN, CHINA — A little dude in China is really into claw machine games, so much so that he actually got stuck in one.
According to video posted to Miaopai, the boy was apparently out for a day at the mall with his mom in the Guangdong city of Zhongshan.
While little man's mom was doing some shopping, a claw machine named "Come on baby" GRABBED the boy's attention.
Staring back at the boy from inside the machine were plush toys galore, so he came up with an ingenious plan to get his hands on them.
Using his Jack Ma-esque build, he was able to wiggle his way into the prize chute.
But unfortunately, getting in proved to be a tad bit easier than extricating himself out of the grabber machine.
At some point, people realized that the boy probably wasn't supposed to be there, so they called for help.

Video shows firefighters using a crowbar to gently pry the machine open and get the boy out.
In the end, little guy made it out in one piece.

Hopefully this will be a lesson learned. Next time look for one with a bigger prize chute.
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