Chinese guy throws coins in plane engine for good luck

Sure, why not?


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ANQING, CHINA — A Lucky Air flight had some bad luck after a guy chucked a few coins at the engine before the flight for good luck.

According to a Lucky Air Weibo post, Flight 8L9960 from Anqing to Kunming on Feb. 17 had to be scrapped after ground crew found two coins on the ground near the left engine.
After the crew made an announcement, a 28-year-old male passenger named Lu ratted on himself and said he had tossed the coinage at the plane to keep the flight safe.
The flight was immediately canceled with all 162 passengers minus Lu having to wait until the following day to be rebooked for flights to Kunming.
Lu was detained by the airport authorities. Lucky Air says the fortunate incident cost them twenty grand and have said they plan to take legal action against Lu.
Funny thing is, this isn't even the first time this has happened. According to the Weibo article, this is at least number four, which everyone knows in Chinese is super lucky.
The Lucky Air post then actually went on to explain the importance of engines and why they are allergic to coins—yikes.
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