Chinese guy swallows keys during bender, has them taken out

That's one way not to lose your keys.


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DONGGUAN, CHINA — A Chinese man on what must have been one hell of a bender got so blitzed he swallowed his keys, and then totally forgot about it.

According to Pear Video, the man apparently was out last Thursday night and throwing 'em back, when at some point his house key and apartment building key fob ended up down the old windpipe.
Pear Video reported that he woke up the next morning and felt sick, but had no idea why. If there were only a key to help solve the puzzle.
Chinese reports then said the guy got himself to a hospital in Dongguan complaining of chest pains.
After an X-ray and endoscopy, Dr Xu Zhe at Dongguan People's Hospital found the keys stuck at the lower part of the dude's esophagus, almost to his stomach.
Dr. Xu told reporters the man had been so hammered the night before he didn't even realize he had swallowed them.
For some odd reason, he didn't feel any discomfort when the keys were taking a trip down his windpipe.
He was placed under general anesthesia, and then had a successful operation to remove the keys.

No word if he's gotten into his place yet.
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