Chinese guy goes viral for falling while riding horse on street

A Chinese daredevil fell hard after riding a horse into the mean streets of China, all because he wanted to generate buzz.


NSFW    LAIYUAN COUNTY, CHINA — A Chinese man went on an insane horseback ride through a busy street, all in the name of going viral.

A viral video posted on Chinese video sharing site Miaopai shows the young daredevil as he death races on the streets of Laiyuan, China. At first, he demonstrated pretty convincing skills, cutting the flow of cars and zigzagging through traffic.

However, his glorious ride did not last too long, and he soon got thrown off his steed. In the video, he can be seen lying on the floor, looking severely hurt.

He was taken to the hospital, where doctors found the only injury he sustained was a mere broken arm!

The crazy stuntman later explained that he had been inspired by internet videos, and that he did this only to generate buzz.
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