Chinese farmer uses chickens to write out message of support

A Chinese chicken farmer used his birds to spell out a message of support for the fight against COVID-19.


NSFW    GANSU PROVINCE, CHINA — A farmer in China used his chickens to send out a message of support for the fight against you-know-what.

Shang Yukang is relatively famous on the Chinese web, having turned into an internet star after showcasing his daily life as a chicken farmer in rural Gansu province.

He's also known for making his chickens come together to form various characters and patterns, such as this cute display of "I love you."

Shang's latest video saw him using over a thousand of his feathery buddies to spell out "Zhong guo" – China – and "jiayou", which literally means "add oil" but is used as an expression of support or encouragement.

Shang told pear video he didn't have enough chickens to spell out all the characters at the same time, so he did "China" one day, and "jiayou" the next day.

As we all know, China is going through rough times these days with the-thing-Youtube-doesn't-want-named wreaking havoc all over, so this was Shang's way of cheering people on.

He has also very generously donated over 3,000 eggs from his own farm to medical workers on the front line.
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