Chinese farmer pushing $300,000 BMW steals livestock for gas

A man in southwestern China was actually caught stealing chickens and ducks to pay gas for his really expensive BMW.


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LINSHUI COUNTY, CHINA — A bird-brained farmer in China was busted for actually stealing chickens and ducks from villages just so he could pay for gas for his reasonably priced $290,000 BMW.
According to the Chengdu Business Daily, police say the 50-year-old farmer had been stealing birds from farms in Linshui county, Sichuan province since April.
Looks like the Chinese Warren Buffet—minus all the money—lives in a multistory villa, but had to turn to thieving poultry after running into some financial problems.
Apparently, the $290,000 Bimmer[b] is quite the gas guzzler, so Scrooge McDuck hatched up a scheme to steal ducks and chickens under the cover of night fall.
According to police, the farmer would take his motorcycle out late in the middle of the night. Why not the BMW? Oh yeah—no gas.

Using surveillance footage from rural roads, authorities finally identified the thief.
They almost caught him on May 22, but his luxury ride was faster than the clunkers the Chinese police were driving, so he flew the coup. He was eventually arrested by authorities.
Looks like he was taking the chickens and ducks back to his farm, so he could then raise them. He would then sell them to potential buyers, and then go buy gas for his BMW.
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