Chinese exporters dodging tariffs by using Made in Vietnam labels

Vietnam says it's going to crack down on Chinese companies committing trade-related fraud.


NSFW    VIETNAM — As the trade war with the U.S. and China continues, some Chinese exporters are now trying to cheat their way around Trump's tariffs.

According to Bloomberg, Vietnam said on Sunday that is discovered dozens of fake product-origin certificates and illegal transfers by Chinese companies trying to dodge U.S. tariffs.
Bloomberg reports that this is the first time an Asian government has publicly called out China since trade tensions have ramped up between the world's two largest economies.
In a statement from Vietnam, the country pledged to increase penalties on trade-related fraud amid concerns that Chinese exporters are illegally rerouting orders to skirt past Trump's $250 billion tariffs on Chinese goods.
Some of the examples the shady behavior noticed by the Vietnamese government include Chinese goods changing packaging to say "Made in Vietnam" before certificates of origin are processed.
Vietnam also said U.S. customs officials uncovered Chinese plywood being sent to the U.S. through a Vietnamese company.

According to Bloomberg, U.S. trading partners including Vietnam are being urged to crack down on illicit exports in order to avoid getting slapped with some Trump tariffs themselves.
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