Chinese employees forced to crawl on street after missing sales goals

Chinese companies are the worst.


NSFW    TENGZHOU, CHINA — Footage of employees being made to crawl on all fours as a work punishment is making the rounds online, and it's got Chinese netizens thoroughly shookt, according to the Fujian Daily.

The video shows several female employees crawling on the side of a busy street in Tengzhou in China's Shandong province.

A male supervisor leads the women while holding a big red flag bearing the company's name, while two others can be seen filming the poor workers.

According to local news reports, the group are employees of Sunshine Beauty Care Company, and were crawling as punishment for failing to meet their year-end sales targets.

Users on Chinese social media also speculated that it may have been a stunt to promote the company. Guess bad publicity is still publicity?

Concerned citizens called in the disturbing display not soon after. When officers arrived, they demanded a stop to the punishment and issued a verbal warning.

Online, the company is being lambasted by netizens who are both outraged disgusted at their abuse of employees.

By law, Chinese employers aren't allowed to humiliate their staff or dole out corporal punishment. Like that's gonna stop anyone in China.

In recent months, employees have been forced to eat insects, slap themselves in the face, eat raw chilies, and even drink pee, all because their bosses were unsatisfied with their performance. Geez.
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