Chinese drama: love rivals engage in furious car race on the highway

The surreal scene took place after a man revealed to his ex-girlfriend that her new companion actually had a wife and children.


NSFW    PENGLAI, CHINA — A man named Mr. He engaged in a high-speed chase after another man named Mr. Wang, after the latter revealed He was living in a web of lies.

After his girlfriend left him for He, Wang became very depressed. After some time, he heard that He, who claimed to be divorced, actually still had a wife and children. So, he called his ex-girlfriend to tell her, maybe hoping that would help them get back together.

Unsurprisingly, this created tension between the two lovers, and when when He happened upon Wang one day the highway, it led to this surreal car chase.

Wang quickly realized he was in serious trouble, managed to avoid a collision and turned back. But He also doubled back, nearly running over him. He was later arrested and charged for committing attempted homicide.
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