Chinese couple suspected to have virus rounded up like strays

A couple who were suspected of having the coronavirus got thrown in the back of a truck like a bunch of stray animals.


NSFW    CHINA — As pretty much all of China remains on edge, authorities are taking increasingly fewer chances when handling new or suspected cases.
Video posted to YouTube by Epoch Times on Feb. 6 shows how one amazingly unlucky couple was rounded up because they might have been sick.
The footage starts out with the couple hugging each other while the woman cries loudly. They are surrounded by Chinese officials in pink hazmat suits and some dude with an umbrella.
The camera then pans toward a pickup truck with a metal box in back reminiscent of something stray animals are tossed into.
The next thing we see is the couple climbing up into the pickup and getting inside the box.

After getting sealed in, the woman is heard screaming at the top of her lungs as the hazmat guys prepare to drive off.

According to the Liberty Times, last week another Chinese man suspected of having the you-know-what outside the Shanghai airport was also kindly introduced to the box.
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