Chinese cops using high-tech sunglasses to nab suspects

Officers in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou have begun using facial recognition sunglasses to verify the identities of train travelers ahead of the Lunar New Year.


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ZHENGZHOU, CHINA — Chinese authorities have begun donning high-tech glasses to spot suspects — the latest use of facial recognition technology in an increasingly all-seeing state.

The South China Morning Post reports that police in Zhengzhou can now verify people's identities within minutes, using sunglasses with a camera attachment, which is connected to a database via a portable device.

Officers who spot a suspicious person from as far as five meters away need only take a photo showing at least 70% of the face. The photo is run through the system, allowing officers access to information like name, ethnicity, gender, and address. It also details which hotel they are staying at, recent internet history, and whether they are wanted for any crime.

Seven suspects involved in kidnapping and hit-and-run incidents have been arrested so far, with 26 others apprehended for using fake IDs.

The use of facial scanners and other similar technology are widespread in China, where there are fewer privacy concerns.

The government is in the process of amping up surveillance, starting with a database containing relevant information on its 1.3 billion citizens.
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