Chinese cops use AI to catch third fugitive in two months at concert

The suspect is the third criminal to be captured at a Jacky Cheung concert in two months.


NSFW    JIAXING, CHINA — A suspect was recently caught with the help of facial recognition software when he entered a concert venue in eastern China.

Reported by China's Shinmin[e] Daily News, the suspect was one of 20,000 people attending a concert by pop star Jacky Cheung Sunday evening in Jiaxing, China.

According to Nanhu District Public Security Bureau, a few minutes after the suspect passed through the scanner, the system issued a warning that he was a wanted person.

Reports from China's state-run new agency Xinhua complimented the system's effectiveness, saying it can verify people's identities at airport security in less than one second.

Global Times, another state-run agency, reported that the system has also been used to monitor students' attentiveness at school, with one student quoted as saying that he's more focused and doesn't dare fool around in class anymore.

With the help of the AI recognition system, authorities were able to quickly arrest the person while a massive crowd exited the concert venue.

The man, who authorities identified only by his last name, Yu[f], is accused of taking around US$17,000 worth of potatoes in 2015 without paying them.

Yu is actually the third person arrested at a Jacky Cheung concert. In April, a man identified as "Ao[g]" was arrested during a Jacky Cheung concert in Nanchang, and earlier this month, a man surnamed "Liu" was identified by authorities at another one of Cheung's concerts in Ganzhou[h].
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