Chinese college grad trolls all of China with commencement speech

The feelings of the Chinese people have been hurt once again. This time, by one of their own during a University of Maryland commencement speech.


NSFW    COLLEGE PARK, MARYLAND — The butts of the Chinese people have once again been hurt. This time the softest people on the planet are up in arms over a delightful commencement speech given by graduating senior, Shuping Yang, over the weekend at the University of Maryland.

In her speech, Yang said she used to have to wear five face masks in China because of the awesome air.

When she arrived in the U.S. five years ago and stepped off the plane, it was a breath of fresh air — literally. She said for the first time, she felt free.

Yang went on to talk about another great thing about the U.S., the “fresh air of free speech.” But who needs free speech when you have censorship.

Her talk has since gone viral on China’s intranet and triggered Chinese people’s outrage — surprise surprise.

She even had some good advice for Americans, “democracy and free speech should not be taken for granted.”

Hopefully Yang can stay in the U.S. and put her double-major in theater and psychology to good use. Wait, theater and psych? Well, there’s always grad school.
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