Chinese city apologizes for pajama shaming its residents

Officials from the Chinese city of Suzhou are apologizing after they shamed residents who wore their pajamas out in public.


NSFW    SUZHOU, CHINA — Officials in the city of Suzhou in China's Anhui province got all the hate for shaming residents who go out and about in their nightwear.

According to the New York Times, wearing pajamas in public is a thing in China. And honestly, can you blame them? Those things are comfy!

But government officials in Suzhou don't like the practice, so they used facial recognition tech to police folks strutting the streets in their sleepwear.

The party poopers posted the surveillance photos online and outed the identities of the pajama wearers to shame them for their "uncivilized behavior."

Suzhou officials claimed they were trying to win a national "civilized city" competition and banned residents from wearing their PJs out on the street. Not cool!

Spitting in the streets, cutting lines, throwing wild public tantrums - that's uncivilized. But what the heck is wrong with pajamas?!

Chinese netizens are asking the same thing. Many online are pissed at the pajama shaming and are calling the city government out for infringing on its citizens' privacy.

Suzhou officials later apologized and said they'd blur the photos in the future.

Hey geniuses, maybe try focusing on legit public matters instead of policing people's clothing choices.
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