Chinese CBA player shows off world's strongest squat

Don't ever sleep on the CBA.


NSFW    BEIJING — While China continues pretending to be mad at the NBA, Chinese basketball fans LUCKILY have no shortage of hoops and highlights thanks to the CBA.
Think of CBA players kind of like an entire league of nothing but ballers better than Lebron, Steph, Greek Freak, Kyrie or the Beard.
And with this level of greatness obviously comes great workout videos showing guys getting WORK done in the gym.
Footage posted by Dong TV shows Shanghai Sharks player Zhang Zhaoxu during a physical just killing it on the squat.
Zhang was apparently squatting a Hulk-esque weight of 220 pounds. Really?? Those plates look a little thin.
Anyways, it's rare to see such exquisite form from each rep to the next when it comes to squats. Look how far down he gets.
Remember folks, squats should only be done by trained professional superhuman athletes like Zhang.
Because if you do try them without knowing what you're doing, you could end up hurting yourself.

And make sure you have safety bars on your squat rack in case of any accidents. But hey, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?
'League of Legends' is censored.

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