Chinese bypassers save kid who slipped into canal from drowning

The local heroes kept their cool, stopped a nearby truck, and raced against the stream to catch the child before it's too late.


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MINLE COUNTY, CHINA — Footage posted to Chinese social media shows some passersby saving a kid from drowning in a canal.

Earlier this month, in Gansu province, a kid was strolling by a canal when he suddenly slipped and fell into the water. The rims were too high for him to climb, and the current was so strong that he was quickly washed away.

Clear-headed passersby witnessed his potentially fatal fall. They kept their cool, stopped a truck that was driving by, hopped inside and raced the current to get to the child before he drowned.

It took them less than two minutes to catch up with him. As soon as they spotted him drifting down the canal, they jumped out of the truck and dropped rope in the water, hoping he would be lucid enough to catch it.

Fortunately, they were able to drag him out of the water, thus preventing the situation from turning tragic.
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