Chinese bodybuilder in trouble with internet cops over videos

China's lame cyber cops accused the bodybuilder of spreading pornography for a Weibo bikini video.


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MAOMING, CHINA — Australia-based Chinese female bodybuilder Lara Zhang has been involved in a back in forth with China's super annoying cyber cops over some bodybuilding video she posted on Weibo last year.

Her Weibo account shows she first posted the clip in July 2018, but for some reason it only recently caught the attention of internet po po from the city of Maoming.

These idiots warned Zhang there could be legal consequences of posting content they deemed "obscene" on the Chinese INTRANET.
Police were kind enough to comment saying, "according to the national security laws and cybersecurity regulations, it's illegal to publish or spread obscene or pornographic information on the internet. Such behavior is subject to investigation by public security departments and will be punished in accordance with relevant laws."
Zhang should have known better. Only the CCP has the right to spread obscene and false information in China.
Lara replied to the internet nannies defending her video and women's bodybuilding. She said what she did in the video was just how female contestants pose during actual competitions.
She also wrote, "I don't care about how average people see me because everyone views beauty differently. But how could a verified account of the police be so regressive and ignorant? I'm entitled to claim my rights."
According to CCP speakerbox the Global Times, the police allegedly apologized to Zhang in private for the false accusations.
Wonder what Zhang's rights would have been like if she was living in China instead of Australia?
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