China vows to crackdown on rural tradition of funeral strippers

The "funeral strippers" phenomenon emerged in rural areas of China in the 1990s, where they were employed to entertain mourners.


NSFW    CHINA — The Chinese government has launched a crackdown on funeral strippers and rewards tipsters for revealing information on such performances.

It has been a long tradition for rural folks in China to use local opera performers for funerals to get people to attend and show respect to the deceased. However, since the 1990s, a "funeral strippers" phenomenon has emerged in some areas of China.

The latest crackdown is focused on 19 cities across Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu and Hebei province. The new campaign offers tipsters cash incentives when they report "funeral misdeeds" via a special "hotline".

In 2015, China's Xinhua news agency commented that the performances highlight "the trappings of modern life in China, whereby vanity and snobbery prevail over traditions."
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