China using robots to teach robotic kindergartners

With 1.3 billion people, China can't find actual people to teach?


NSFW    CHINA — China has introduced robots into the classroom to teach kindergartners to tell stories and apparently to teach kids problem solving.
According to the AFP, the Keeko robot is 60-centimeters tall and is equipped with tiny wheels and a large screen for a face. It only costs $1,500.
The robots have been placed in 600 kindergartens around the country. Looks like the plan is to roll it out throughout China eventually and other Southeast Asians countries that are dumb enough to use it.
When students answer correct questions or complete some challenge, the robot's eyes turn into "heart-shaped eyes." Yeah, that novelty isn't going to wear off in a week's time.
However one of the principals of a kindergarten where Keeko is on trial said it will be sometime time before robots can completely replace humans in the classroom.
Maybe they should replace the kindergartners with robots too. Think of how fast they would learn.
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