China uses AI to track citizens across multiple CCTV cameras

China has already started using surveillance cameras embedded with artificial intelligence to monitor its citizens.


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CHINA — China has developed CCTV cameras embedded with artificial intelligence to track the movements of civilians across the country.

The program, Ensemble Net, was trained using clips from CCTV footage and is supposedly 90 percent accurate, New Scientist reports.

The system will be able to scan body shapes and facial features. It will then scan the database to see if it finds a match.

The program will also be able to identify a person in disguise or if their back is faced towards the camera.

The AI-powered CCTV cameras have already been used by Chinese authorities to track down fugitives, CNet reports.

China plans to have over 600 million AI-powered CCTV cameras by 2020, according to Q Daily, a Chinese online publication.
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