China 'tortured' ex-British consulate worker

Chinese officials allegedly hung officers allegedly hanged Simon Cheng on a 'steep X-cross' while he was handcuffed, shackled and blindfolded


NSFW    CHINA — A former employee of the UK consulate in Hong Kong claims he was tortured by Chinese authorities, reports CNN.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, ex-UK Hong Kong consulate worker Simon Cheng says he took part in the city's protests but did not break any laws.

Cheng approached protesters on Telegram and other social media as part of his job to evaluate travel alerts and protect British citizens, he says in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

He was returning from a business trip in August in Shenzhen when police arrested him on the Chinese side of the West Hong Kong Kowloon railway station.

According to Cheng, he was then handed over to State Security Bureau officials and detained in Shenzhen.

Speaking to CNN, Britain's Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said he summoned the Chinese Ambassador to express outrage at the brutal and disgraceful treatment of Cheng.

China responded on Wednesday with foreign minister Geng Shuang telling reporters that Cheng made a full confession and that the public security bureau "guaranteed all his rights and interests according to law."

CNN reports that Cheng fled to an unnamed third country following his detention and is currently seeking asylum.
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