China to increase surveillance by using robotic doves

China to increase its surveillance tactics by using robotic doves.


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CHINA — China has started using birdlike drones to monitor everyday civilians, reports The South China Morning Post.

The Chinese government has reportedly sent the "dove" drones to at least five different provinces across China, especially to Xinjiang, which is home to a large Muslim population.

These robotic doves look so authentic when they fly high in the sky, that even real doves start flying with them.

The robotic drone mimics the flapping motion of a dove and would be able to 'evade human detection, The South Morning Post reports.

The robot doves may even be camouflaged with feathers to further "distort radar signals."

The interior of the robotic dove contains mechanisms such as a GPS antenna, a Data link antenna, a battery, an HD camera, flapping mechanism, and a flight control system.

The project, code-named "Dove", is being led by a team of researchers who conducted various experiments such as flying the dove drones over a flock of sheep, who paid no attention to the drones above.

One of the researchers of the project told the South China Morning Post technology has the potential to be used not only for military purposes but also for "disaster relief and emergency response."
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