China tests submarine-launched ballistic missile in Bohai Bay

China just tested its next gen ballistic missile


NSFW    BOHAI BAY, CHINA — The Chinese People's Liberation Army successfully tested its new submarine-launched ballistic missiles on June 2.

According to Defence Blog, the test launches took place past 4 a.m. at Bohai Bay near China's Shandong province.

Hong Kong's Ming Pao Daily reports that the PLA gave the public a 3-minute heads up before suddenly restricting access to waters at 2:30 a.m.

Eyewitnesses in Liaoning, Shanxi, and Shandong claimed to have seen long missile tail fins, but weren't given any sort of explanation by the authorities.

Defence blog reports that the SLBMs being tested were allegedly JL-3 third generation solid fuel missiles, which have an intercontinental range of 12 to 14,000 kilometers, and can carry up to 10 independent warheads.

According to Jane's Missiles and Rockets, the JL-3 is meant to arm Beijing's next-generation Type 096 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine class- due to enter service in the late 2020s.
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