China says plasma of recovered patients may help treat COVID-19

A state-ran pharmaceutical claims the treatment brought improved improvements to the 10 patients it was tested on.


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Chinese researchers say blood plasma from recovered patients may help other COVID-19 patients to survive.

China National Biotec Group said it is taking plasma taken from recovered COVID-19 patients to treat those who are critically ill. The state-owned pharmaceutical made those remarks in a news release dated Feb. 13.

The group claims a round of the treatment improved the patient's condition significantly after 12 to 24 hours, including reduced inflammation and improved blood oxygen levels, lymphocyte counts, and reduced viral load.

Citing an unnamed expert, the group states that this plasma contains special antibodies which were used to treat COVID-19 in the critically ill.

The group says the procedure was tested successfully in over 10 patients and asserts that it is the best available option for reducing mortality rates. China Daily reports the president of Wuhan's Jinyintan Hospital called for plasma donations on Feb. 13.
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