China's Type 001A aircraft carrier goes on fourth sea trial

Chinese aircraft carrier Type 001A conducted its latest trial involving 32 J-15 fighter jets.


NSFW    DALIAN, CHINA — China's Type 001A aircraft carrier is all set to conduct its fourth sea trial.

The aircraft carrier's latest trial involved 32 J-15 fighter jets and took place on December 27, according to the South China Morning Post.

The Type 001A aircraft carrier can carry up to 40 aircrafts. The carrier is powered by a steam turbine and also has a ski-jump deck for take-offs.

The Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration said the sea trial took place near the Bohai Strait in the northern Yellow Sea.

The ship was expected to test its aviation system, radar, and communication systems.

The carrier is expected to be delivered to the PLA Navy by April, according to Global Times.

The aircraft carrier was previously tested during sea trials in May, August and October of 2018.
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