China's Twitch copy bans live streaming of female passengers

China has a lot of lonely men thanks to decades of the backwards one-child policy.


NSFW    KNOCKOFF LAND — Drivers on China's Uber knockoff Didi have been banned from live streaming female passengers on China's Twitch knockoff Huya.
Apparently there's been some public outcry after two creepy Didi drivers posted videos of their female customers — without their knowledge or consent. Ah, how romantic.
Drivers are banned from live streaming any interaction with passengers such as prying into their privacy or endangering safety while driving," Huya said on its Weibo account. Weibo is China's knockoff Twitter.
Looks like some Huya users/Didi drivers were live streaming their in-car conversations with female passengers.
This comes days after another Didi driver admitted to knocking up a female passenger before he knocked her off.
Looks like Didi drivers have been convicted of at least a dozen sexual assault cases in the past three-and-a-half years according to Chinese public records, so clearly the actual number is MUCH higher.
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