China's makeshift Wuhan virus hospitals aren't even full yet

With so many cases of the Wuhan virus in China, why are their makeshift hospitals not even full?


NSFW    BEIJING — As China's latest saga was in its early days—but already out of control—to take the focus off their foot-dragging, the boys in Beijing decided to slap together a few prefabbed hospitals.
At first, the Chinese boasted the first one, Huoshenshan, would be finished in a mere 6 days, leaving many westerners to complain that it often took 6 years just to get a simple road built in their home countries. But then 6 days, turned into 10.
According to Business Insider, Chinese state media livestreamed frantic construction efforts with a bunch of aerial drone shots of excavators everywhere pushing around a lot of dirt paired with patriotic CCP-style tunes.
The second makeshift hospital, Leishenshan, was completed in 12 days.
And if you're wondering what kind of quality construction went into building these facilities? Here's a little taste.
Anyways, Chinese officials claimed the two hospitals would have 2,600 extra beds for a health care system clearly stretched over its limits.
Official speakerbox Xinhua even went so far as to call the quick construction, "Mission Impossible made possible."
However, Business Insider reports that official Chinese data shows that as of Feb. 12, the facilities were running at less than half their projected capacity.
While Huoshenshan is now full, Leishenshan only had 416 patients out of a possible 1,600 capacity.
But let's be honest folks, would you want to stay at one of these places?
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