China's latest viral trend is pretending to fly

That's depressing.


NSFW    CHINA — A new viral trend in China involves using everyday household items to look like people are flying in planes.
According to the Independent, the general idea is to create the illusion that one is cruising 30,000 feet in the air, so that people think you're on a fabulous vacay, when you're actually just at home.
The videos started popping up on short video app Douyin—aka Tik Tok—over Lunar New Years, when people normally head off for vacation.
The clips start out with what looks like people gazing out an airplane window at some crazy scenery below or the plane taking off.

The videos then pull back to show that the window is actually just some random object like detergent bottle handles, plastic stools or toilet seats.
Emergency support animals are also getting in on the craze.
On Weibo, China's Twitter knockoff, the hashtag "how to pretend you're on a plane" has more than 27 million views. It has more than 24 million views on Douyin.
So if you're creative, have too much time on your hands, are a bit depressed and have a random toilet seat lying around, you need to immediately hop on this trend.

Honestly though, seems like a lot of work for something completely fake. Guess that also describes all of Instagram.
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