China's 'King Kong Barbie' likes to workout in a corset

The 21-year-old live-streams her workouts twice-a-day on Chinese video platforms, Kuaishou and Douyin.


NSFW    CHINA — A 21-year-old student is turning some heads with her jacked physique over China's intranet recently.

According to the Daily Mail, Cheng Lu may only be 5 foot 1, but she can apparently squat 265 pounds, which is more than twice her body weight.
Cheng, who has been dubbed 'King Kong Barbie', live streams her workout sessions twice a day on Chinese video platforms Kuaishou and Douyin.
She already has around 300,000 followers on both sites that tune in to watch her lift weights in the gym—many times while rocking a corset for some strange reason.
She told the Daily Mail she got into lifting after a classmate took her to a bodybuilding competition, and she's been hooked ever since.
Cheng is currently studying at Shenyang Sports College and is majoring in bodybuilding.

She also said, "traditionally, Chinese people think women should look weak to be beautiful, but who says we can't do things men can do, just like Mulan in the ancient times."
The little Chinese Hulk said her goal is to attend more professional bodybuilding competitions in the future. Maybe leave the corset at home too.
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