China's hottest hairdresser is just six years old

You'll never meet a six-year-old this talented.


NSFW    SUINING, CHINA — A boy in China is amassing tons of fans and followers thanks to his mad hairdressing skills.

NextShark reports that Jiang Hongqi only recently turned six, but can already cut and style hair as good as any adult.

Jiang's dad is a hairdresser, so he's been helping out at the family salon in Suining, Sichuan province since he was about 4, according to Sina News.

Adults in the shop helped him at first, but just two years on and the pint-sized hair stylist is now a master in his own right. Jiang now cuts and styles his clients' hair all by himself. And his ability to easily and precisely maneuver hairdressing tools never ceases to impress.

It even got him more than a million followers, after his parents began sharing clips online of him working his magic on people's manes.

Even crazier is that little Jiang can actually do his own 'do. Here he is cutting his own hair and shaving the back of his head with an electric razor.

How many six-year-olds can do that?

NextShark, Sina News, Kuaishou
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