China's coronavirus containment strategy is not working

Population controls and internal travel restrictions have not mitigated the outbreak.


NSFW    WUHAN, CHINA — China continues to struggle.

On Thursday, China's number of confirmed novel coronavirus infections grew to 28,000 cases or a 15 percent increase over the previous day.

According to CNN, reported deaths have spiked, which increased the death toll to 600 fatalities.

The contagion continues to spread rapidly despite population control and quarantine protocols Beijing imposed in central China.

BBC reports that the new coronavirus has infected about 28,300 people worldwide, compared to SARS's 8,100 cases and MERS's 2,500 cases.

Citing an epidemiologist, BBC reports that the Wuhan pneumonia appears to have lower mortality rates than the two other viruses.

Al Jazeera reports that China has built hospitals at a frantic pace in Wuhan, including the Huoshenshan Hospital built over 10 days with 1,000 beds, which opened Monday.

CNN reports that a second new hospital named Leishenshan opened on Thursday.

The CNN reports that common symptoms include headache, malaise, coughing and muscle pains.

Complications include fever over 39 degrees Celsius, troubled breathing and pneumonia, and sepsis that could result in death.
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