China quarantines negative coronavirus news coverage

As the Wuhan virus continues spreading, China has decided to put negative new coverage in time out.


NSFW    BEIJING — As cases continue to skyrocket within the country, Xi Jinping and his pals in Beijing have decided to clamp down on negative coverage over news media and online.
According to the failing New York Times, the Communist party is struggling to control the narrative about the crisis that has slammed the leaders like a serious case of the mexican beer thing.
The party was caught off guard by the flu's ugly cousin, which handled the initial outbreak in typical fashion—by shoving it under the rug.
And then when it blew up in their faces, when it was already too late, they put around 60 million people on total lockdown.
Now that Chinese citizens are getting increasingly pissed off, China's leaders are once again putting the screws on information.

This after a short spell where news outlets were able to be quite straightforward about the tense situation, and negative comments about the clumsy official response were left uncensored online.
The failing Times reports that in recent days, both state-run media and more commercially minded outlets have been ordered to focus on positive stories.
Internet platforms have removed numerous articles criticizing the lazy-footed response by the Chinese government or painting the current situation in a negative light.
Unfortunately less actual information and more positive propaganda isn't going to make this problem go away.

With thousands of new cases each day, many Chinese fear the spread is not being adequately contained—and they're dead right.
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