China overly slippery glass slide accident leaves 1 dead, 6 injured

Insanely long slide on a rainy day in China? Yeah, why not.


NSFW    GUANGXI, CHINA — Flying down an insanely long glass slide with just a pinch of rain? Sounds like a solid plan.
According to a report on Miaopai, one person was killed and six others injured last week after falling off a glass slide at a tourist spot in Guangxi.
The visitors to the site in Pingnan county slid down a 260-meter-long slide sitting on nothing but a cloth pad while wearing some cheap gloves that apparently were supposed to act as breaks.
Let's just say things went downhill after that. Because of the rain, the slide was way too slippery, which caused one man to hit the guard rail and break right through it, launching him off the slide 7 plus meters away.
Six other people that followed him were also injured.

Unfortunately, the man succumbed due to head injuries. The other people were treated for various other bumps and bruises. All the victims were apparently part of the same family.
Police have arrested the owner of the ride and are currently investigating the cause of the accident. Our guess? It was probably gravity.
Looks as if the glass slide failed to get proper approval from the required departments when it opened last September. That's reassuring.
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