China needs AI and facial recognition in classes

How else are you going to continue to control 1.3 billion people?


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CHINA — China needs to keep its 1.3 billion citizens in check, especially now some of them have found the real world beyond the Great Firewall.
To take Chinese control into the 21st century, Beijing is now shoving facial recognition and A.I. into the classroom.
The West worries about things like individual privacy, while in China it's about as prevalent as clean air.
According to a state-media, a high school in Eastern China is testing facial recognition to see how engaged — aka bored — students in the classrooms are in real-time.
They claim the system can pick up seven moods, including happy, sad, afraid and angry by scanning a student's face.

A camera in front of the classroom also can track six types of behavior such as reading, writing, raising your hand, standing up, listening to the teacher (listening!?) and leaning on the desk.
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