China is sealing people in their homes amid virus outbreak

Videos shared on Chinese social media show officials using extreme methods to lock people inside their own homes.


NSFW    CHINA — As new cases continue on an upward climb, respect for human lives has gone right out the window as footage appears to show how some are being treated amidst the latest outbreak.

In a video shared on Chinese social media, a door of a house is seen totally blocked by a massive pile of coal ash, commonly used in furnaces. It's unclear how many people live in the house, or what their condition is, but it's safe to say they won't be leaving anytime soon.

In another video, health officials are seen using a welding machine to seal the door of a residential house in order to prevent those under quarantine from leaving their house.

Chinese police officers are also seen in another disturbing video nailing in wooden planks to block the front door of an apartment with people inside who had just returned home from Wuhan.

Afterwards, officials are seen sticking a red sign beside the front door which reads, "The people in this house have just returned from Wuhan, don't be in contact with them." The poor people inside are heard desperately screaming, "Open the door!"

Chinese officials did the same to other residences as well, but this time they used metal bars instead of wooden ones.

How will those sealed inside their houses get access to food, medicine and other essential supplies?

And this comes after rumors that China has woefully underreported the number of those who have been sickened and those who have unfortunately succumbed to it.
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