China is breeding giant pigs the size of polar bears

As China's growing pork shortage continues, some are turning to giant pigs.


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NANNING, CHINA — As African swine fever continues to ravage pigs across the country, China is facing a growing pork shortage problem.
Things have gotten so bad in China that they've even had to break into their emergency national pork reserves.
Bloomberg reports that some Chinese pig farmers are now looking to breed super sized pigs that are about as heavy as a polar bear in order to try and meet demand.
According to Bloomberg, in southern China pig farmers like Pang Cong are raising pigs that weigh a whopping 1,100 pounds that can sell for more than $1,400, over three times higher than the average monthly income in Nanning.
Pang Cong's pigs may be on the more massive size, but pig farmers across China have been trying to raise porkier pigs.
Some of China's biggest hog producers are also trying to increase the weight of their porkers.
Bloomberg reports that African swine fever has decimated China's pig population by as much as half according to some estimates.
Pork prices have skyrocketed and Beijing has given exceptions for U.S. pork to be allowed in even as the U.S.-China trade war continues.

So what effect will the polar bear sized pigs have on the market? Most likely, China will just start to see an increased rate of crazy large pigs getting African swine flu. Problem solved!?
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