China has turned censorship into a business

Services include helping companies monitor and censor their content including websites, applications, music, and advertisements.


NSFW    SHANDONG, CHINA — A Chinese online newspaper is profiting from online censorship services, reports Reuters., China's online version of one of its biggest newspapers, is offering censorship as a product. According to Reuters, the website is helping companies monitor their content including websites, applications, music, and advertisements.

The company uses a combination of human analysts and artificial intelligence to monitor content. Its AI platform uses machine learning to memorize new words that have been censored as well as government censorship rules. If there is data that the machine cannot categorize, it gets passed on to human analysts.

Currently, they are providing services to Chinese news aggregator Jinri Toutiao, helping them detect and delete material that is not approved by the government. They also have a partnership with Liangziyun, a tech company that manages roughly 1,000 social media accounts.

As of January, the company's net income has increased by 140 percent, that is equal to a net-profit of nearly $32 million.

An independent researcher, named An, told Reuters that the censorship business will continue to grow, stating, 'with the development of 5G, the space and scale for the online content censorship market will only grow bigger and bigger.
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