China found using banned chemicals which hurt the ozone

The rise of the use of banned chemical, CFC, in China is highly damaging to the Earth's ozone layer.


NSFW    CHINA — A home insulation chemical used extensively throughout China may be damaging the earth's ozone layer, reports the BBC.

The chemical, CFC-11, was completely banned eight years ago because it resulted in a "massive rise in emissions of a gas" to the earth's protective layer.

According to the BBC, around 70% of sales in China used the illegal gas to insulate their houses because it is "better quality and much cheaper" than other alternatives.

CFC-11 is made from chemicals such as carbon, chlorine and fluorine.

CFC-11, or trichlorofluoromethane, was mainly used as a refrigerant and is a colorless liquid which is quick to escape containers even if it is packed tightly.

When CFCs are exposed to UV rays in the atmosphere, the molecule breaks down into individual atoms which includes chlorine.

The oxygen atoms in the ozone then react with the chlorine atom and 'rips apart' the ozone molecule, which damages the ozone layer.

Because of the sheer amount of CFC-11 being used, this could have the potential to "reverse the healing that is starting to take place in the ozone layer."
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