China facial recognition nabs jaywalker, too bad it was a bus

Facial recognition systems have been installed across the country to catch and fine jaywalkers.


NSFW    NINGBO, CHINA — A facial recognition system in China proved that it definitely recognizes faces, even ones on the side of a bus.
According to Mashable, some cities in China have rolled out facial recognition tech at intersections in a bid to identify jaywalkers and then blast them with a good dose of public shaming.
Beijing's goal is to dissuade behavior it deems unacceptable by recognizing the person's face, checking it with a database, then putting their personal information on public screens.
According to Abacus, one camera at the Jiangxia Bridge East intersection in Ningbo knocked a home run when it nabbed one famous jaywalker.
Unfortunately, it had to be called back after it turned out to be a bus ad.
Apparently, the bus was driving through the intersection when the facial recognition scanned the face of a businesswoman on an advert and then plastered her face all over the public screen.

Ningbo's traffic po po later said over their Twitter knockoff Weibo that they made a mistake and that the system had been updated.
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