China deploys remote tanks and drones in the fight against virus

China deploys tech in battle to control Wuhan virus.


NSFW    THE MIDDLE COUNTRY — Technology is being called up to duty as you-know-where continues to deal with its little situation.

According to Pear Video, officials in the Shanxi city of Taiyuan have dispatched a couple of remote controlled mini tanks to spray a bunch of disinfectant in the streets—which apparently keeps the road from catching a case of the sniffles.
Community workers say the mini tanks had originally been used to spray pesticides in the orchards before they got the repurposing call.
Sure, the tiny tanks can roll around down the streets, but they can also climb up onto the sidewalk and make sure the walkways also stay in good health.
Each tank can carry 400 liters of disinfectant spray.
Officials say the little guys can cover a lot more of the city than just hoofing it.
Here's the thing. It probably makes a lot more sense to be disinfecting inside homes and apartments, rather than outside.

But then of course, you don't get the nice photo op to show the people you're doing everything you possibly can to keep them safe.
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