China demands apology from Danish paper over virus cartoon

The Chinese Embassy in Denmark actually wants a newspaper to say sorry.


NSFW    COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — As China continues to struggle containing the massive outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus, luckily it's still finding time to get its feelings hurt and wasting time asking for apologies.
Reuters reports that the Chinese embassy in Denmark has DEMANDED an apology from newspaper Jyllands-Posten after it published a cartoon of the Chinese flag with its five yellow stars replaced with coronavirus particles instead—NAILED IT.
In a statement, the embassy said the paper and Danish artist Niels Bo Bojesen should apologize to the Chinese people for publishing the image, captioned "Coronavirus" in their Monday paper edition.
The statement whined that "without any sympathy and empathy, it has crossed the bottom line of civilized society and the ethical boundary of free speech and offends human conscience."
What exactly does China know about the ethical boundaries of free speech?
Anyways, editor-in-chief Jacob Nybroe said the paper had not intended to make fun of the grave situation in China, but refused to apologize.
Nybroe told Danish media that, "we cannot apologize for something that we don't believe is wrong."
And to be honest...shouldn't the WORLD be one asking for an apology from China for giving us this latest coronavirus epidemic?
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