China college class requires students get WeChat friends

Students taking the useless class need to get 1,667 friends on WeChat to get an A.


NSFW    ZHENGZHOU, CHINA — A Chinese professor apparently gave his students one of the dumbest college assignments of all time—add as many possible friends on WeChat.
According to the BBC, students unlucky enough to be taking the the Internet and New Media course at Henan University of Economics and Law were given the pointless assignment on March 10.
It's weird taking a class in China on the internet, when all they have is a insanely censored and policed intranet.
Anyways, according to the students, they need to add at least 1,000 new WeChat buddies to pass the assignment, which accounts for 30 percent of their final grade. Think of WeChat as basically a WhatsApp knockoff.
To get full marks on the assignment, students are required to add 1,667 friends.
Some students reached out to Pear Video to complain about the assignment.

In response, a teacher from the college tried to write a letter to explain the idea was to prepare students for real life.
"This assignment comes from a core module in the course. What we're saying is that afterwards, when these students look for work, they will have the basic skills necessary for this type of social media operation."
So basically, it's teaching them nothing.
Apparently, the Pear Video story has been seen more than seven million times on Weibo, China's Twitter knockoff, and has attracted more than 10,000 comments.

No wonder Chinese people send their kids to study in the U.S.
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