China claims herbal medicine will cure coronavirus then backtracks

Apparently, Chinese people were scrambling to purchase Shuanghuanglian before the government started discouraging the public to do so.


NSFW    CHINA — As a certain country continues to battle against you-know-what, herbal remedies are also being enlisted in the fight.

Chinese state-owned speakerbox Xinhua reported on Friday that scientists in China recommended a traditional Chinese medicine called Shuanghuanglian [b]to help "alleviate fever" and "contain the progression" of the latest virus spreading across the country.

Apparently, the concoction is made with honeysuckle and flowering plants, which is said to "inhibit" the latest epidemic.

Xinhua was encouraging the public to use traditional Chinese medicine along with western medicine to get better results.

Chinese people were quick to storm their nearest drugstore. Images and videos shared on social media show long lines of people geared up waiting to get a hold of the miracle drink. Shuanghuanglian quickly sold out online and in actual stores.

Though not everyone was thrilled about the product. Some on Weibo expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of herbal medicine.

In response, The China Daily and the People's Daily then began to discourage people from buying the herbal concoction as it is still in its early stages of research.
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