China bans blood, bodies, poker and more in video games

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NSFW    Police State

CHINA — Great news for gamers in China as the fun-loving Communist Party has released fresh guidelines to make video gaming enjoyable for everyone—except those playing them.
According to Engadget, three types of games will now be sent to virtual concentration camps: Mahjong and poker, games based on China's imperial past, and games that have bodies or blood—of any color.
Developers that went all in designing poker and Mahjong games made up a whopping 37 percent of the titles approved in 2017.
According to Engadget, China's new super laid back gaming authority, the State Administration of Press and Publication, says it's worried about violence and gambling addiction in young people.
Under the new rules, game makers must also introduce anti-addiction systems into their games, whatever that means.
Other initiatives include asking publishers to change how their titles promote Chinese values and culture so that if the games go global, they'll put China in a good light.
The new super fun regulations also require developers to give up information about a given title including detailed scripts and screenshots.
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