China announces incredibly boring anime series on Karl Marx

Chinese people are going to be in for a really big treat.


NSFW    CHINA — Chinese streaming service Bilibili announced that it will be releasing possibly one of the worst anime ideas of all time—a cartoon based on Karl Marx.
According to Anime News Network, Chinese reports don't even know what animation studio is actually producing the series, which will be called The Leader.
A promotional video for the ultra action-packed thriller has been viewed 211,000 times on Bilibili and 41,000 times on Twitter (which no one in China uses).
The cartoon will focus on several milestones in Marx's life and god knows what else.
The Chinese anime is being sponsored by the Project to Study and Develop the Marxist Theory—how exciting.
It is also backed by The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Weiming Culture Media, and the government-operated People's Daily newspaper.
Wow, with names this gargantuan in the entertainment game, The Leader is guaranteed to be the biggest success ever in the history of anything.
Chinese people can feel proud too that the creators decided to use Japanimation to tell the story.
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