China actually has a game show on Xi Jinping's 'teachings'

China goes full 1984.


NSFW    Police State

HUNAN, CHINA — China just dropped the bigliest game show of all time focused on the greatest man to ever walk this earth — Xi Jinping.
The show is called "Studying Xi in the New Era" and debuted on Hunan TV, China's second most-watched channel.

The CCP has been scheming up new ways to ram propaganda down the throats of young Chinese.
Each episode is 40 long minutes and pits three contestants against each other as they dive into the abortion of free thought to talk about Xi's theories and speeches.

The first round forces contestants to answer five multiple-choice questions about Xi's policies.
The two people with the highest scores proceed to the second round where they are subjected to Xi's speeches and must press a buzzer to get the opportunity to explain what they mean.
The final round involves rambling for a minute-and-a-half about who knows what.
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